Initial Shape

Oct 31-Nov 15 2019



Carlos Ossorio

Yimeng Chen

Liang Zhong

Qingran Peng

Sohyon I

Ayumi Kanno

The first exhibition of the 7001 Gallery was named Initial Shape. We invited six artists from five countries to present their works under different regional cultures in different forms. Under the new era, these artists tried to communicate with the outside world with their tools, seeking understanding and evolution. As the same as 7001 Gallery, it reveals the initial shape and starts to grow.



Oct 30, 2019

17:00 pm

2/F 3-chome-38-5, Taito

"The opening exhibition is successfully achieved and I am thrilled that many Professors and friends present. It is grateful that Honorary Professor Hilotoshi Sakaguchi from Tokyo University of the Arts is giving us a lot of talented suggestions. We'll try to be better, thank you." said by Liang, the founder of 7001 Gallery.

Exhibition and Art works

A body of work pieced together of different moments and several countries, the photographs are a study in the misunderstanding and understanding of context.


Carlos Ossorio,United States

A temporary place of belonging which goes through continuous replacements.

Yimeng Chen,Canada

This is the whole process of a plan implementation, and finally completed a body. Too much refinement will make the self-contained things heavily, and when it is unfolded, the things will go excessive.


Zhong Liang, China

This painting is a gift for an older woman I happened to meet in the street. She speaks Japanese fluently. She told me about her life stories. I do not know her name, I do not know how to contact her, I only know she lives in Wanhua. This video is a record of a day I try to meet her again in the street with a gift.

Ayumi Kanno, Japan






Qingran Peng, China

Sohyon I, Korea

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